Deal: SodaStreams Make for Great Gifts, Especially When They’re on Sale

Save $40 on various bundles of this popular fizzy water appliance

SodaStream on sale at Amazon
SodaStream bundles are on sale at Amazon for one day only

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You don’t think you need a SodaStream until you get one.

I mocked our neighbors for having one. And then … I got one as a gift. And suddenly, I’m drinking fizzy water every day and testing out all sorts of flavor combinations (some admittedly for booze purposes, although I stress that you shouldn’t put alcohol in the containers before you fizz up).

So even if you don’t want one, someone in your life will appreciate a SodaStream. And since we’re shopping early for the holidays, we suggest taking advantage of Amazon’s one-day sale on SodaStreams, which are now 27% off.

And you’re not just getting a countertop appliance: These bundles include two 60L CO2 cylinders, three one-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles and two 40 ml zero calorie fruit drops of Lime & Orange.

See? They’re easy to use.

If you’ve never used a SodaStream, they’re simple to set up and use (stick in cylinder, attach bottle with liquid, push top button to fizz); the only drawback is replacing those CO2 canisters — though there is a mail-in option, and plenty of stores offer trade-in deals if you return your empties.

On the other hand, owning one of these will replace lots of single-use plastic bottles, so for a small inconvenience you’re doing the world some good.

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