What Has a Waterfall, 2 Pools, a Courtyard and 8 Waverunners?

Someone call Noah, we found a better ark

October 3, 2017 9:00 am

The massive, opulent Sinot Nature Yacht makes a powerful first impression on its own, but that didn’t stop its design team from crafting a veritable tome to describe it anyway.

So it begins: “Nature, in all its purity and greatness, offers a new perspective on yachting that transcends the traditional parameters of status and grandeur. A holistic approach allows the yacht to directly reflect the Owner’s true values in life: the richness of being and the intimacy of belonging.”

They could have edited all thousand pages of the proposal into something much simpler. Something like, “This is going to make you wish for a different life.”

Sinot (7 images)

Coming in at 120 meters long, the Sinot Concept has a crew capacity of 50 and a guest capacity of 18. You do the math — that’s what we call being waited on hand-and-foot.

The lucky passengers will enjoy two-story floor-to-ceiling windows, a state-of-the-art gym, private and “extensive” sunbathing lounges, a sauna, waterfall, plunge pool, regular frickin’ pool, al fresco dining and an inner garden courtyard with app-controlled moods for adjusting the lighting, water features and mist dispensers.

Oh — and should you possibly tire of poolside lounding, there are eight WaveRunners tucked away onboard.

The aquatic behemoth aims to evaporate the boundaries between nature and man. And for one moment, just looking at it, it evaporated the boundaries between dreams and reality for this particular editor. 


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