Sacrebleu! The Ritz Paris Is Auctioning Off 10,000 Pieces of Furniture.

Barber’s chair from the Salon de Beauté work for ya?

February 15, 2018 9:00 am

Decorating your first apartment out of college/a once happy marriage? IKEA’s got ya covered.

Looking to throw a dinner party with Champagne and caviar? You’ll need something a little stronger.

Enter the Ritz Paris, a 120-year-old bastion of untempered luxury, now auctioning off 10,000 pieces the hotel no longer has room for since it finished a four-year renovation in 2016.

The auction, to be held from April 17-21, will feature a little bit of everything. Mini bars, chandeliers, barber chairs, bedside tables, even a full bathtub. (The first ever installed at the hotel, so … it’s nice and broken in?) All the pieces from an old salon’s gold sofa set named for Marcel Proust, to Coco Chanel’s Chinese junk sailboats have been catalogued and shined back to their former glory, and believe it or not, the 3,500 lots offered don’t (yet) carry prohibitive price estimates, ranging from just $150-6,000 dollars.

See some of the items listed for yourself. Might be time to add an armchair Papa Hemingway once napped in to your living room.

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