The Remote-Controlled Zamboni Beer Cooler Is Man’s New Best Friend

Sorry, Fido.

April 24, 2017 9:00 am

Hate being the bearer of bad news, but unless you’ve got unlimited patience, treats and vacation days, you’re not going to be able to teach your dog to fetch you a beer from the fridge.

Despite that sad fact, the days of having to stand up and grab your own brew like a plebe could be coming to an end thanks to a remote-controlled cooler on wheels.

Manufactured by C3 Custom Coolers for Hammacher Schlemmer, the RC Zamboni Cooler’s insulated interior has enough space for 30 cans and is equipped with an electric motor that can fully recharge in 12 hours. Able to hit up to five MPH and capable of being controlled from 100 feet away, the Zamboni Company-licensed cooler has LED headlights, a USB port and a pair of 10-watt speakers for playing “Brass Bonanza.”

Tipping the scales at 40 pounds (cans not included) and packed with enough juice for four hours worth of lights and music, the RC Zamboni is priced at $400 and includes a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t be a jabroni; get the Zamboni.

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