They’re Making Pools Out of Shipping Containers Now

If you can't live in 'em, might as well swim in 'em

April 17, 2017 9:00 am

People may love to live in shipping containers these days, but if you stop and think about, shipping containers make for the perfect pools.

And that’s exactly what one Canadian firm has done with its line of patent-pending cargo container pools that can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Measuring 8’ x 20’, the Modpools have both a hot tub and regular swimming area and ship ready to use above ground, partially in-ground or completely in-ground after “light ground prep” and they’ve been hooked up to power and gas. And filled up, of course.

As easy to move as they are to install, the plug-and-play pools feature color-changing LEDs, variable speed pumps, ultraviolet water sanitation systems and one see-through window side.

Modpools (4 images)

Designers at Honomobo — the company that also makes shipping containers homes — thought that adding the window was needed to “open the space and change the swimming experience.” 

“Shipping containers are naturally durable and structurally sound,” company exec Mark Kohlen told Digital Trends. “Repurposing a shipping container cuts down the carbon footprint and turns something that may have not been useful into what we think is a lifestyle changing asset. The window defies the norm, taking a shipping container and making it into something special.”

Prices starting at $26,900 (or $35,000 CAD).

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