Make Your Workspace Great Again!

Beautiful hardwood desks and office essentials, via Perch

November 9, 2016 9:00 am

We have big dreams at work.

A salary commensurate with our skills and abilities. The revered “0” inbox. A desk that doesn’t resemble a Superfund site.

But one out of three ain’t bad.

Kudos to Perch, a just-launched crafter of beautiful hardwood desks and workspace essentials. This stuff’s so nice, you’ll want to go to work — salary and email inertia be damned.

Perch is the brainchild of former Google-ler Lucy Lyle. Her non-evil mission? “Create a space you look forward to working in.” To that end, the company designs and manufactures their own handsome mahogany desks, and also curates a line of equally eye-catching desk-topping products to go with ‘em.

A few favorites from their launch:

The Helm Desk: A compact design and an open-faced drawer make this hardwood, made-by-hand desk a minimalist’s delight. Bonus: only takes 15 minutes to put together.

Stilwell Brass Desk Lamp: A brass beauty that mixes industrial style with exposed filament bulbs. Lends your workspace a decidedly nostalgic hue.

Upholstered Flow Chair: An ergonomic beauty.

Iron Scissors: These raw iron cutters will slice through anything.

Plus, an assortment of desk clocks, laptop stands, fountain pens, toolbox-style desk organizers, Kelim rugs, laptop cases and a wood/brushed steel card case. Free shipping and returns, along with good prices, thanks to a direct-to-consumer (read: no middleman) biz plan.

Now then: back to work.

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