Why Doesn’t Your Beer Cooler Look Like This?

It's a paddleboard. It's a kayak. And then you open the hatch.

April 19, 2017 9:00 am

From boomboxes to coffee tables, most consumers goods can be improved with a simple addition: a place to cool your beer.

And that now includes a hybrid kayak/stand-up paddleboard.

From South Carolina-based Perception, the low-profile Hi Life has SUP traction pads on the bow, midship and stern and a padded seat that can fold down to convert the vessel into a one-man ‘yak capable of carrying up to 280 pounds. Sturdy when used for either activity, the Hi Life has a cooler storage area under the seat, a tankwell with extra storage in the back, a cup holder and another smaller storage space in front.

Available in blue or green, the summer special is available for $800 and drops on May 15th.

Paddle responsibly.

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