How to Furnish Your Home in 90 Seconds

Now arriving: Your bed, sofa and second home ... in a box

August 30, 2016 9:00 am

A real estate agent once told us August was the worst month to move. She lied: every month is the worst month to move.

To ease your unsettled mind, we present seven furniture companies that make moving as mindless as possible.

Most of these guys follow the same rules.

They limit choices to absolve you of buyer’s remorse. They send you a new sofa/bed/table in a box to absolve you of ferrying it all over town. And they don’t require tools, so everything is ready to enjoy in a matter of minutes.

Your bed frame (and tables)
The Detroit-based Floyd makes “furniture for city living.” Translation: easy-to-move furniture components you can pair with locally sourced materials to endlessly modify and improve your decor. Tables, coat racks, benches and, just launched, a platform bed frame that you can slot together in a few seconds.

Your mattress (and other bedding needs)
Dubbed the “coolest memory foam mattress ever developed,” Wright’s W1.27 is a high-end, medium-firm take on Casper’s mattress in a box. It’s shipped either via mail in a compressed 21″ x 21″ x 40″ container … or a team will come to your door and install it for free (and, bonus, take away your old mattress). You’ve got 120 days to see if you like it. Also, the company just launched a line of great sheets and pillows.

Your living room
Never go to IKEA again. That’s the promise of Greycork, a ready-to-assemble furniture company built on good taste and simplicity. The Rhode Island company will send you an entire living room of furniture — a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf — in flat boxes that’ll fit easily in elevators and through doorways. And require zero tools to put together.

Your sofa
Burrow promises you a “spill-proof, pet-friendly and Netflix-binge-ready” sofa. Its initial product is a modular two- or three-seater with a pine frame, MDF inserts, cotton/polyester fabrics that repel spills and stains, and multiple high-density layers of foam for the cushions. And it all arrives in a couple of boxes. Ten minutes and no tools later, you’ll be resting on it.

Your sunroom
That’s what you get with Pavilion, a design-your-own sunroom by Spanish design studio Kettal. It’s like a portable Game of Thrones Royal Pavilion.

Your tiny house
There’s now an entire house that comes in box, and only takes a month to build. Kudos to Avava Systems’ Britespaces, who offer three tiny house models: 264, 352 or 480 (the names denote each edition’s square footage). Each house is shipped, flat-pack IKEA style, to its location, where third-party construction crews pour a concrete foundation and fit the house itself into place.

Your everything else
Don’t be fooled by the name: the Woodieful Chair isn’t just a chair. This diminutive and versatile piece of furniture can be flipped into a coffee table, book rack, nightstand, shelf or stool. It’s like six pieces in one.

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