“Floating” Cabins Are Actually Just a Deceitful Illusion

They’re admittedly handsome, as far as deceitful illusions go

By The Editors
March 29, 2016 9:00 am
“Floating” Cabins Are Actually Just a Deceitful Illusion
Jose Campos Architectural Photog

Thoreau theorized in Walden that it’s perfectly reasonable to eschew societal responsibilities to go build a castle in the forest.

He was also a moral absolutist and misanthrope who despised material excess in all forms.

Which is why we’re guessing he would not have approved of a new line of modular cabins from MIMA Housing that sit on ornamental mirrors that make the structures appear as if they’re hovering a couple feet above the ground.

Designed by Portuguese architects Mário Sousa and Marta Brandão, the line of rectangular MIMA Light homes can be built to run on or off the grid on a permanent or temporary basis in nearly any location that will allow them.

The homes can be constructed with open interiors and equipped with features like doors, downlights, solar panels, a boiler and a kitchen. The price varies depending on customization, but the basic 232-square-foot MIMA Light costs $31,000, while a larger 348-square-foot model starts at $41,000.

“Inspired by the minimalist sculpture of artists such as Donald Judd, John McCracken and Robert Morris, the new MIMA Light aims to be epitome of sophistication, synthesizing a surprising combination of sculptural depuration and interior comfort,” the designers say.

The prefabricated home is currently available for distribution in the EU, but perhaps if you ask them nicely to build it, they will come.

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