This Tech-Savvy Oak Desk Has Never Even Heard of Writer’s Block

Or architect’s block. Or consultant’s block.

June 4, 2018 9:00 am

In the age of information overload, minimal desks are a dime a dozen. Unclutter your workspace, the trend seems to suggest, and you will be able to work — diligently and effectively — without the distractions that attend nearly every other second of your waking life.

But the workday needs what it needs, and over time, a cavalcade of Post-its, wires and various totems and knickknacks will inevitably muddy up your formerly “minimalist” escritoire.

Enter Köllen Design, a Barcelona-based studio that recently debuted its first desk: the Eget, a testament to a team not trying to do too much — while ensuring those who use have all they could ever need.

desks (4 images)

The four-pegged, oak and white matte-lacquered rolltop includes motion-activated ambient lighting, a magnetic whiteboard for taking and erasing notes (keep those permanent markers away from the kids) and a wireless charging pad. Not to mention, slots for pens and journals, an acoustic sound panel made of 60% recycled plastic and a big-boy sub-drawer. The middle section even easels up if you need a better angle while working.

In other words, it’s not conducive to making a mess, but very much conducive to knocking out those blueprints.  

Find more info on the desk’s background and its potential jump to market here.

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