Greenhouse, Garden Shed or the Perfect Backyard Bedroom?

The answer depends on you, chum

January 20, 2017 9:00 am

How’s the saying about glass houses go again?

Something about how you should absolutely own one to while away listless summer nights and grow a delicious cornucopia of produce the rest of the year?

If such a way of life is something that concerns you, acquaint thyself with the modular Kekkilä Shed, made from prefabricated Finnish pine and safety glass. A collaboration between Hel Yes!, Avanto Architects and Kekkilä Garden, four versions were designed depending on space requirements and use case.

Garden Shed (5 images)

Got a screwdriver? Because that’s all it takes to put one together. The modularity makes assembly a cinch.

Designer Linda Bergroth of Hel Yes! turned hers into a little lakeside summer retreat, seen above. Don’t want to sleep in the garden, you say? It’s still a strong choice if all you desire is a handsome place to grow your plants and store your tools. Glass shelves allow light to travel to all the little plant buddies you’ve got growing, and there’s an automatic roof to control temperature on a dime.

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