Gimme Shelter

By The Editors
August 23, 2013 9:00 am

Finding the appropriate shelter for a romantic day at the beach can be a challenge.

The umbrella does little for your privacy, but opt for a tent and you’ll capture all the romance of a bivouacking tourist at an RV park.

What you need is a teepee.

This teepee: the Wave Wam, from Indoek.

Run out of Venice and Brooklyn, Indoek is devoted to cataloguing surf culture in all its bicoastal permutations. Last summer they dropped a charming wax kit. They followed that with T-shirts.

And now they’ve released a conical lean-to, made-to-order right here in sunny California.

It’s easy to assemble. Just wrap the durable cream canvas around the bamboo-encased aluminum poles, then fasten the former to the latter with leather ties through copper rivets.

Once constructed, the Wave Wam stands six feet tall and can comfortably house two-to-three beach bums inside. It’s ventilated by the rise at the bottom and an opening at the top.

The entire set-up is collapsible and fits neatly into a canvas bag for transport.

Should you need to repair to a more traditional romantic setting.

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