Holy Mongolia. That’s a Massive Tent.

You could park a boat in this thing.

By The Editors
July 13, 2015 9:00 am

Life, 2015: Work, work, work — till you get acquired and go live in a tree, Foster Huntington-style

The path, though, doesn’t have to be so binary: Why not start living your actual life now? 

Groovy Yurts — supplier of these super-luxe, Mongolian versions of the humble tent — can get you part way there.

Grab a patch of land. One with a view of the water will do nicely. A backyard is good in a pinch.

Then choose your yurt from the Montreal-based firm, which works with Mongolian artisans to create these domed, tent-like super-cabins.

These yurts are constructed for North American climates, covered in a thick, dense felt meant to repel humidity and improve insulation.

Go micro or macro — diameters range from eight feet to 40.

Choose your embellishments: Windows? Semi-precious stones? Sculpted pillars? You want it, they can do it.

Set aside an afternoon to install the yurt — the company provides detailed set-up instructions, or you can opt for access to their dedicated yurt-installation hotline. 

Commence summer living.

Don’t stop.

Just keep your phone off, and you’re good.

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