Why Yes, That Is a Bar Made Out of a Shipping Container

And they'll ship it anywhere in North America

March 19, 2018 9:00 am

In recent years, shipping containers have been repurposed to create everything from questionable prefab homes to quirky European getaways to swimming pools.

But this might be the most compelling and practical use case yet.

The Honomobar is a shipping container bar. It’s by Honombo, a design company who know a thing or two about modular shipping containers. And it’s simple, really: they take an old shipping container and turn it into 100-square-foot mobile bar with all the fixings, and then ship it anywhere in North America.

So by the lakehouse, next to the cabin or wherever thirsty friends go.

Features include a roll shutter for nightly and seasonal lock-up, a Canadian fir-treated butcher block bar top and a non-slip-coated painted floor. Priced at just under $20K, the bill does not include delivery and setup, and you’ll need to figure out electrical and plumbing. But on the upside, the Honomobar does not need a foundation.

Head on over to Honombo for more details.

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