The Luxury Cabin You’ve Always Wanted

Nothing rustic about this.

By The Editors
February 9, 2015 9:00 am

Secret cabin in the woods? Great concept.

Also great? Modern industrial design. Electricity. Running water.

You miss those in the woods.

So, to get away from it all, but not really “all”: Vipp Shelter, a modern refuge for the modern man, available now.

There’s nothing rustic about the Vipp.

A pre-fab getaway from an award-winning Scandinavian industrial design company — their pedal trash bin is enshrined at the MoMA — the Vipp is 600 square feet of jet black coolness.

It’s what they call a “plug and play” home.

Everything — kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding — is pre-installed and ready to go.

They’ll even give you linens. And a toilet brush. (Did we mention it has real plumbing?)

A two-floor dwelling made of stainless alloy sheet metal, black powder-coated ridge walls and electrically heated cast magnesite floors, the Shelter houses four comfortably.

You’ll sleep upstairs. Downstairs? Floor-to-ceiling windows, to give you a full appreciation of the nature outdoors.

And a fireplace, to keep you warm during said appreciation.

Don’t worry about installation. Vipp will send along a team to complete the process, taking just a few days.

The only thing you’ll need to think about: where to put it.

Welcome to nature. It looks damn cool.

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