What Do We Want? Better Sleep!

Bespoke mattresses, and why you should sleep on one

By The Editors
August 7, 2015 9:00 am

Shopping for a mattress goes like this:

Enter store. Meet Alleged Sleep Expert. Walk around testing mattresses while ASE awkwardly hovers over you.

Pick mattress basically at random on jargon-heavy advice of ASE. Pay exorbitant fee. Be stuck with mattress forever.

There are many things less-than-optimal about that picture. Helix Sleep solves for every single one of them.

Helix is a new online startup that uses a proprietary algorithm to pair you with a mattress customized to your exact body type and sleeping preferences.

Best part: all their models retail for under $1,000. Good luck finding that from the ASE.

Pick your mattress to start building your sleep profile. Helix will ask you about your height, weight, body type and preferences and then design a custom mattress that accommodates accordingly.

Those “preferences”: Feel, Support, Temperature and Point Elasticity (or how compression in one area affects the surrounding areas).

Bedmate on a different page? No sweat. They also do split-bed designs for the well-rested couple.

Your new cot will arrive within the week (shipping’s free). After that, you’ve got a 100-day trial to decide whether you want to keep it (you will).

And every friend you refer will get a $50 discount — while also earning you a $50 credit.

Not that you’ll be needing a new mattress anytime soon.

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