This Furniture Company? Total Gamechanger.

Handsome furniture in four minutes, via Greycork

By The Editors
August 17, 2015 9:00 am

Updated June 6th 2016

Here’s some more bad news for our Swedish friends … 

After closing out a $1.6 million Series Seed funding round, Rhode Island-based Greycork is celebrating by offering customers a new way to obtain its design-­conscious and affordable urban furniture.

It addition to a showroom in Providence and a new website that can receive orders and get them shipped out in 15 days, Greycork has unveiled its Felix Home Try- ­Out Kit — the first of its kind in the industry — which the company believes will be “a highly practical, analog, and engaging way” for buyers to envision pieces of furniture in their homes before purchase.

“The furniture business is one of the last remaining legacy consumer markets that has yet to evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumers, especially millennials, which are now the largest base of furniture consumers in the U.S.,” says Greycork CEO John Humphrey. “At Greycork, we believe we’ve solved that problem by designing affordable, sophisticated, and durable furniture that consumers can try before they buy, order online, and assemble or disassemble at a moment’s notice.”

Never go to IKEA again.

Now that’s a business pitch.

No more lost Saturdays. No more inscrutable instructions. No more arguing over “Flärdfulls.”

That’s the promise of Greycork, a new ready-to-assemble furniture company built on good taste and simplicity, taking orders now.

Greycork will send you an entire living room of furniture — a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf — in flat boxes that’ll fit easily in elevators and through doorways.

It’ll take you about, oh, four minutes to put the stuff together.

No tools necessary.


To take apart? Also four minutes. Great for moving.

The style here is Japanese/American minimalist, inspired by furniture designers like George Nakashima and Charles and Ray Eames.

Sturdy stuff, too. Solid wood ash, the same stuff they use to make baseball bats. Plus medium-density fiberboard and, for the seat cushions, three levels of supportive foam layers that offer comfort as well as ergonomic support.

As part of their initial Indiegogo campaign, Greycork’s also offering their wares together for about a grand, or as separate pieces that still compare to — and often best — IKEA’s low prices.

Use the savings to buy your own meatballs.

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