These Floating Crystals Are the New Face of Mood Lighting

Like a lava lamp, but less embarrassing

November 18, 2016 9:00 am

Yes, we’re still mad that hoverboards don’t actually hover.

Here to restore our faith in the future of floating technology: A … lamp?

Although “lamp” doesn’t do justice to what appears to be a repurposed fallen star.

At closer inspection, Glow is a synthetic light-emitting crystalline ball that floats and spins on a base thanks to neodymium magnets. It charges via USB, has two brightness levels and toggles between those through a simple touch switch.

It’s easy to understand the allure of anything that hovers (magic, basically), but the real ingenuity of Glow comes in its versatility. The spinning star giving you motion sickness? Well go ahead and take the lamp off its base and bring it wherever your heart desires — most metal surfaces are fair game, thanks to the magnet. They also provide three adhesive steel discs so you can rig your room to match the lamp, instead of the other way around.

Glow will eventually retail for $199 a piece, but until December 9th you can pick one up through their Kickstarter for $129 – $149 (or less, if you already know you want to order one to replace every light bulb in your place).

Watch it in action below.

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