The Ultimate Interior-Design Hack: These Sub-$200 3D-Printed Lamps

Designers dream them up. Gantri prints them from corn.

November 12, 2018 9:00 am

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and holiday festivities are beginning.

It’s a hat trick of seasonal conundrums, but we’ve come across a solution for all three: Gantri’s Wonka-esque 3D-printed lamps.

They act as extra illumination, a salve for your wintertime melancholy and — most importantly — conversation pieces that’ll bring your interior design up to snuff for Thanksgiving family gatherings and refined holiday parties alike.

That’s because Gantri is first and foremost a platform for designers. The fledgling company offers them resources to turn their digital work into real-world products, including end-to-end manufacturing via 3D printing and an online marketplace.

Gantri’s Table Lights collection is its first product line, the lamps running the aesthetic gamut from Blade Runner to Lord of the Rings, but all are made from corn-based PLA biodegradable plastics. And while all of the lights are made in California, the designs come from across the globe (you can shop based on country, if you’d like).

If you’d prefer an expedited process, we’ve collected our favorite lamps below, with some info about the designers and their inspiration.

KononenkoID, Ukraine
Inspired by both the waves on Denmark’s North Sea and Germany’s Bauhaus school.

BUY | $188

Designer: Hannah Fink, U.S.
Use it as light source or a media stand by placing your phone or tablet amongst the peaks.

BUY | $168

Designer: Joe Parker, U.K.
Keep it as a task light or swap the shade for ambient lighting. Also, the base holds desk accoutrements.

BUY | $178

Designer: Filippo Mambretti, Switzerland
Draws on the post-Art Deco Streamline Moderne movement for a sandwiched disk light.

BUY | $188

Designer: Quirino, Mexico
An exploratory light beam that can be pointed straight up or rotated on its base.

BUY | $178

MOAK, Colombia
Looks like a hot-air balloon and acts like it, too, with the base light shooting up into the shade.

BUY | $178

Designer: Arielle Pollock, U.S.
A calming presence combining a translucent crystal with a solid ring in “snow” or “sand.”

BUY | $188

One downfall of these lamps? You’ll have to retire the ol’ lampshade-on-the-head routine. It’s for the best.

All photos via Gantri

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