Frank Lloyd Wright’s Immaculate Final Home Just Hit the Market

Anyone got a cool $3.25M lying around?

February 21, 2018 9:00 am

Frank Lloyd Wright’s last designed home is up for sale in Phoenix. And it is — predictably — a doozie. Picture Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine compound crossed with an American Southwest mansion.

Priced out at $3.25 million, which seems rather reasonable for one heck of a backstory, the Arizona curvilinear home is carved into the Yuma desert, where it overlooks the dusty Palm Canyon. While the dwelling is not Wright’s magnum opus by any means, it is a timeless example of the man’s famous organic architecture style, and his unwavering commitment to creating functional living structures that complement and enrich the land they abut. And he was doing this long before “sustainable” was a buzzword, mind you.

Wright began the design in 1959, at age 91, just months before his death. His apprentice John Rattenbury completed its construction nearly a decade later.

The home features several bedrooms and bathrooms, a mother-of-pearl embossed pool and relentless views of the surrounding canyonlads. And everywhere you look, from the windows to the furniture to the shelving: circles, semi-circles and ovals that further emphasize the home’s inimitable roundness.

Considering it’s the last residential project he took on, there’s surely some kind of circle-of-life metaphor to be had here.

Along with — to state the obvious — a singularly beautiful and timeless home.

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