Deal: Take Up to $130 Off Faribault’s American-Made Wool Blankets

You’ve got one day left to score a discount on blankets that’ll last a lifetime

The Frontier Wool Blanket from Faribault Woolen Mill Co. in bone white with red, blue and yellow stripes. The American-made blanket is on sale in February 2022.
We suggest picking up the Frontier Wool Blanket, but over a dozen styles are on sale.
Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

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How did you celebrate 2/22/22? Over at Faribault Woolen Mill Co., they decided to take 22% off a large selection of their striped blankets to mark the non-holiday. Thankfully for those of you who missed the boat on Two-sday, the sale is going on for two days, which means you can still pick up one of their American-made blankets for up to $130 off.

Faribault is one of the last vertically integrated woolen mills in the country, meaning they process the raw wool, dye it, turn it into yarn and eventually weave it into the blankets that are just as good today as they were 100 years ago (though they’ve been making blankets in Minnesota even longer than that, providing them for both world wars). And you don’t make it that long without having a product that truly stands the test of time.

That’s not to say they aren’t keeping up with the times. Faribault partakes in various collaborations, from Team USA styles for the Olympics to Hamm’s Beer blankets (no, really), but the sale today features the classics: striped blankets in full-size dimensions (up to those that fit a king-size bed) as well as throw blankets. 

If this is your first time trying out Faribault, we’d suggest picking up the Frontier Wool Blanket in the unimpeachable bone white with red, blue and yellow stripes, which looks good in just about any room, no matter the surrounding design. But there are over a dozen options marked down, so make sure to give them a look before the two-day sale ends.

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