All the Stuff You Need to Start Your Very Own Garden

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Updated July 5, 2021 11:16 am
All the Stuff You Need to Start Your Very Own Garden

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In theory, gardening sounds complicated, but in practice, it’s relatively simple. While it will require nurturing and patience, the steps to starting your very own garden are as easy as determining what you want to grow and acquiring the proper tools. If you find yourself lucky enough to have an outdoor space, you might as well choose a hobby that largely takes place outside the confines of your home, especially during the summer.

Maybe you’ve always yearned to cultivate your own herbs and vegetables, or maybe you just want to bring some color to your home by way of flowers — now you can. Just think, you’ll be that person who delivers ripe tomatoes to their neighbor’s doorstep, or comes bearing freshly cut roses, the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Below you’ll find everything you need to start your very own garden, from various seeds and bulbs to garden tools and pots to house your new beauties in.


True Leaf Market

If you’re at a complete loss for what to plant, True Leaf Market is a good starting place. The online seed source has everything from flower and garden seeds, to sprouting and grain seeds. And if you really want to start out small, they have a variety of Growing Kits that’ll provide everything you need.

Michigan Bulb Co.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply go into your backyard and pick a fresh lemon off your very own lemon tree that you grew yourself? Michigan Bulb Co. can make that blissfully domestic dream a reality with their range of tropical fruit bulbs. You’ll have lemons all year long.

Urban Leaf Herb Garden Starter Kit – 8 Varieties

Maybe you’re only working with a windowsill or a balcony and don’t have the means for a full grown garden. If that’s the case, this Herb Garden Starter Kit from Urban Leaf is perfect for those smaller spaces and will yield eight herbs for your cooking needs.


The Floral Society Essential Garden Tools

Perhaps the most obvious things required for gardening (besides the actual plants) are the tools. If you’re starting from scratch, go ahead and get this full set. But the nice thing here is that if you have some odds and ends lying around, you can purchase individual tools as well.

Second Skin Garden Gloves

Gardening is a dirty job, so to save your fingernails from getting caked with dirt and soil, slip on these Second Skin g. loves. Outfitted with silicone grips, you’ll have a steady hand while handling the most delicate of plants. They even feature UPF 50 sun protection.

HAY Watering Can

Plants need water. Now that we’ve got that established, this sleek watering can from HAY not only allows for functionality but will make for a nice looking addition to your outdoor space.

Burgon and Ball Mini Garden Pruner

This cute lil’ lime green mini pruner is ideal for cutting and trimming (and, well, pruning) flowers.

The Organic Company Organic Workshop Apron

Again, gardening is a very dirt hobby, so in order to keep yourself from getting too dirtied up in the process, you’ll be better off wearing an apron. Besides, this one from The Organic Company features roomy pockets for toting all your tools while you putter around your garden.

Heritage Garden Hose

Sometimes you gotta hose down your garden, and for that, you’re gonna need a hose. These lightweight garden hoses by Heritage Garden come in some fun colors that won’t prove to be an eyesore in your backyard or patio and are resistant to those annoying kinks. And now that you have a hose, you can get a sprinkler (to run through, obviously).


Bloomist Ikebana Vase

Those beautiful flowers you grew deserve an equally beautiful vessel to be displayed in, and these Ikebana Vases from Bloomist will match their beauty without overshadowing them. The ivory color will work seamlessly in any home and any aesthetic.

The Sill

The Sill is quickly becoming the most Instagrammable plant delivery service (yes, such a thing exists) and once you see their pots and planters, it’s easy to understand why. The modern and fun colored planters (like the Dolores pictured above) practically beg to be photographed. If you didn’t want to garden before, you’ll want to start just so you have a reason to buy these babies.

New Ceramic Vase

Another Etsy find, these vases really don’t need a justification for purchase because just look at them. Who wouldn’t want these in their home?

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