Deal: Barista-Level Espresso Machines Are 30-40% Off at Sur La Table

Yes, you’re still allowed to enjoy great coffee

It's currently up to 40% off espresso machines at Sur la Table
Sur la Table

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It may be a strange time to be thinking about home espresso machines, but hear us out.

First, they’re around 35% off at Sur La Table. Given that these high-end java makers can cost thousands of dollars, you’ll want to take advantage of these deals when you can.

Second, many places around the world (particuarly the ones who do coffee better than us) consider owning a high-end espresso machine as normal as us having a Keurig or a Cuisinart brewer. I visit Australia frequently, and seeing a four- or even five-figure espresso machine in a suburban home isn’t a sign of luxury. It’s an everyday appliance.

And third, yes, you should support local businesses when you can during these times, and if you can safely get out of the house and pick up coffee, do so (and tip well). But there will be a day when old routines will return or maybe now if you’re comfortable going out: For those times, you can have access to an espresso that’s barista-worthy.

A lot of qualifiers there! Let’s sit back, have a cup o’ joe, and examine three machines that could use a good home (aka your home).


When price is no object: Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Thanks to touchscreen controls, 15 presets and a built-in grinder, the S8 feels simple to use but provides a coffee worthy of your local upscale cafe. And the 64 oz water tank and 10 oz bean container means you’ll be filling this up less frequently.


For keeping it (somewhat) old-school: Breville Barista Express

There are one- and two-cup presets here, but there’s also a manual override and small temperature adjustments you can make on your own. You’ll need to put in a bit of work on this one; as one typical reviewer notes, “It pulls better shots than any place near where I live. [But] I recommend watching some videos to get familiar with the machine.”

Espressione Concierge Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

For minimalists: Espressione Concierge Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

This slim machine keeps the focus where it should be: Getting you an ideal espresso in about 30 seconds. And the LED display means you can keep this to a simple one-touch operation, though you can adjust settings to your preference.

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