Escape Club

By The Editors
June 16, 2014 9:00 am

Shelter and companionship: both on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Adventure and power: both on Maslow’s hierarchy of wants.

This covers all four: Portland’s Escape Collective, makers of fully custom furniture, motorcycles and, um, geodesic domes.

Call it a big tent philosophy.

One that starts with Buckminster Fuller-inspired big tents, fabricated to order, hand-sewn and assembled on site.

Because sometimes you need a roof over your head, but what you want is something that can cover a hundred heads and is strong enough to hang swings from.

ESC Co. is a collective in the truest sense, a handful of fabricators and designers that dream big, execute bigger and, biggest of all, actually ship.

Take their Escape Machine as an example.

A hand-machined bespoke hog that oozes adventure and power.

There’s one. They’ll build you the second.

In fact, they’ll build you anything they build. Check out their Instagram.

That stuff? You can actually buy it.

Safe to say it won’t come cheap, but maybe that’s the real difference between wants and needs anyhow.


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