For Your Next Holiday, a Floating Cabin on a Still Lake

Pretty sure there's a poem about that somewhere

By The Editors
August 14, 2017 9:00 am

Growing up in the land of 10,000 lakes, summer cabins and winter ice houses provided year-round one-upmanship.

For the former, it was all about being closest to the best body of water. For the latter, leaving the hut out for as long as possible was a point of pride (though admittedly more than a few are now resting on the lakebed).

But with the DD16, BIO Architects combined the best of both worlds into an all-weather floating cabin.

Floating Cabin (4 images)

As the name notes, it’s part of the company’s DublDom line, which includes a variety of a modular homes ranging from a houseboat in a box to a roomy wooded retreat. The connecting thread is that they are all “designed to be transported as a prefabricated product and installed on site in one day.”

The site for the DD16? The middle of a lake.

The studio apartment-sized house is set on pontoons and includes “a bathroom with a shower, a double bed, a dining table, and an open area where a wooden stove can be installed,” as noted by Bless This Stuff. As the structure is designed for installation in hard-to-reach places and extreme conditions, we say spring for the extra heat.

Floating Cabin 2 (5 images)

For lake lovers salivating at the prospect, there’s good and bad news. The bad: DublDom is based in Russia and they are still figuring out how best to produce their structures in the U.S. (since shipping that far is out of the question). Also, the DD16 is only a prototype with one working model at the moment.

The good news: that model is available for rent.

The company recently launched DublDom Club, a rental website for their homes. The “Floating DublDom” costs 4,000 rubles (about $67) a day to rent and is just a 15 minute drive from Moscow’s MKAD.

Sure, Russia may not be at the top of your vacation destinations at the moment, but that may work in your favor. Looks like the cabin’s availability is wide open.

Photos by © Ivan Ovchinnikov and © Vlad Mitrichev


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