Sleeping in the Doghouse Never Looked So Good

Meet the Dragonfly Pavilion. Takes a week to build.

By The Editors
February 14, 2017 9:00 am

Jazz musicians used to refer to their practice as shedding. The term comes from rural roots: to practice one’s instrument, he had to leave the house for the solace of the toolshed or chicken shack in the backyard.

We rather like this idea: of the hobby shed, where a man can seek out solitude and hone his craft. And we’ve got the perfect space for it, too: The Dragonfly Pavilion, by architecture firm and pre-fabrication company SITU, a stunning one-room hut that can be built in a week in your backyard.

The computer-generated design mimics the patterns of a dragonfly’s wings, framed as it is with a soft-textured reddish-brown sapele wood and recycled aluminum. Mosquito netting fills the space and a translucent plastic shield keeps rain out.

Consider it your new practice studio for yoga, music or just sitting and reflecting. Just tell your housemates you’re shedding.

dragofly pavilion (6 images)

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