Deal: Squash Spring Allergies With Coway’s Discounted Air Purifiers

Save 15% on Coway's line of award-winning air purifiers

Deal: Squash Spring Allergies With Coway’s Discounted Air Purifiers

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I’ve been ready for warmer weather since, like, January, but I typically forget all the ailments that come with the blossoming spring season until I wake up totally congested and with watery eyes. If you’re like me — desperately looking for allergy relief — you can chug a bunch of Claritin that may or may not work, or you can invest in an air purifier.

Air purifiers have been a hot ticket item this past year, namely because they sweep the air for allergens, odors, bacteria, pet hair and even viruses. With everyone a little more conscious of what’s circulating around them, air purifiers offer a little peace of mind. So if you’re looking to fight COVID and your seasonal allergies, look no further than Coway — an award-winning Korean home goods brand currently offering 15% off its line of air purifiers.

You’ll find discounts on the brand’s smartphone-compatible Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS and the WiFi-equipped Coway Airmega 300S, both of which offer real-time updates on filter status and air quality. Or for smaller spaces, the sleek Coway Airmega AP-1216L, which includes a four-stage filtration station, four timer settings and three fan speeds.

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