What’s Better Than a Free Couch? A Free Couch With Money Inside.

Free furniture, plus $36,000

Couches with money are the best couches of all.
Sunguk Kim/Unsplash

Sometimes, unexpectedly valuable things show up in the places you’d least predict. There was the case of a David Bowie painting found in an Ontario thrift shop last year, for instance, or the vast trove of abstract art that turned up in a dumpster — and might be worth millions. It’s one thing to find something valuable for sale for a remarkably low amount; it’s something else to just find…money.

But that’s what happened to one California resident, according to a recent article at The Guardian. As the article details, Vicky Umodu was moving into a new house in San Bernardino and looking for some furniture for it. She turned to Craigslist and saw a listing for a free couch — two, in fact — and a chair.

After confirming that the deal was legitimate, she opted to engage in the time-honored and environmentally friendly practice of extending the lifespan of some perfectly good furniture.

What Umodu was not expecting, however, was to find $36,000 in cash in a series of envelopes inside of a cushion in the couch. She opted to call the family that had put the listing up and let them know about the cash, and went on to return it. “God has been kind to me and my children. They’re all alive and well,” she told an ABC7 reporter. “I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?”

Ultimately, the family who’d given her the couch gave her $2,200 for her honesty, which she used to get a new refrigerator. Not a bad benefit from a free couch, all things considered.

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