This New Breed of Cast Iron Cookware Doubles as a Fire Pit

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By The Editors
June 6, 2017 9:00 am

There are no secrets when it comes to cast iron cookware.

They’re dependable. Mind-bogglingly versatile. And so tried-and-true it’s hard to imagine how or why anyone would ever attempt to update the age-old category. But it can be done. You apparently just need to add natural oak. Also the functionality of a fire pit. 

A modern take on the classic garden-variety barbecues of yore, the YRON Grill is a portable backyard cooker that’s small enough to fit on a deck or terrace.

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Refined over the course of a number of designs, the iron for every YRON is poured by hand into a one-off sand mold, meaning each grill has its own individual characteristics. “We combine computer-assisted design and pure craftsmanship,” says Frank Person, the German designer behind the grill. “This gives us the greatest possible benefit with the least possible use of material.”

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Twenty-four inches tall, the 28-pound grill’s moisture-resistant legs and cast-iron interior grate can be removed so that the remaining shell can be placed on the ground and used as a fire pit. So, you’ve got a trusty companion whether you’ve got meats to grill or not.

Priced around $450, the company says that with proper use and occasional care, the YRON will last longer than your life.

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