Deal: Casper’s Labor Day Sale Is Open With Big Discounts on Mattresses

Whether you need more support or more comfort, there are deals for you

The Nova Hybrid mattress from Casper on a bed in a bedroom. The mattress is on sale during Casper's Labor Day Sale, on from August through September 2021.
The Nova Hybrid is just one of the premium mattresses discounted during Casper's Labor Day Sale.

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Labor Day isn’t for another week and a half, but that hasn’t stopped the original direct-to-consumer mattress company Casper from kicking off its Labor Day Sale. Starting now, you can take 15% off select mattresses and 10% off a wide variety of other bedtime essentials, from bed frames to pillows to sheets to weighted blankets.

We’ve been talking about sleep a lot lately, from sharing hacks from a marathoner to the problem with sleeping in on weekends, but before you start nitpicking your Zs to that degree, you should make sure you’re starting with a proper mattress. Experts say 10 years is likely the sweet spot to change out your mattress, so if you’re beyond that threshold, or have a hunch the model you’re dozing on right now isn’t designed for your specific sleep style, there are a few options on sale at Casper that could help out.

First, there’s the Wave Hybrid Mattress, which offers the most support and is the best option for those who deal with aches and pains. This particular model is made of a combination of foam, cooling gel and springs, and you can add the brand’s Snow Technology if you’re a hot sleeper and need an extra dose of cooling. 

The other major sale is on the Nova Hybrid Mattress, which is the most plush option you’ll find at Casper. That’s not to say this model doesn’t offer support, it simply mixes foam and springs to prioritize comfort while making sure you’re not sacrificing spinal alignment. The Nova is also available with the cooling Snow tech.

These two are the more premium mattress options Casper offers, which means 15% off ends up being a significant discount. Take advantage while you can. The Labor Day Sale is on through September 7.

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