This Cabin Is the Best Thing to Come out of New Hampshire Since … Ever

Sorry, Robert Frost

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

Home to foliage, fauna and a forest fire that’s been burning for a week after being started by a falling meteorite, the beautiful White Mountains are one of the most scenic places in New Hampshire — and hopefully the authorities get that fire sorted out so they stay that way.

Adding to the natural beauty of the mountains are manmade additions like the Cabin on a Rock. a prefabricated structure that sits on an outcropping of granite overlooking a steep drop-off.

Offering dramatic views across the valley courtesy of a 24-foot-wide sliding glass wall, the Cabin on a Rock is made from pre-cut framing elements that were easily assembled on-site.

Cabin on Rock (7 images)

Built by I-Kanda Architects, the 900-square-foot cabin embraces its precarious position and perches on nine hand-poured concrete footings that blend with the topography on the cabin’s sloped side. Originally intended to be a weekend retreat, the cabin can now hold a family of four.

According to I-Kanda, the cabin has “a form that is both elemental yet appears to be in constant transformation depending on one’s vantage point. It is shaped both by its surroundings and by its occupants, making a lasting connection between what is there and what is to come.”

So what exactly is to come? We’d guess visitors.

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