Escape to the Woods With These Cozy Cabins

Tired of city living? Check out these spots, all just a few hours away from the Loop.

January 24, 2023 6:45 am
Different interior and exteriors of cabins
If you're looking for a slower pace, consider one of these properties

Life would be better if you weren’t in a city.

OK, we don’t actually believe that, but if you’re anything like us, you may find yourself lying to yourself, imagining a calmer, slower life in the woods. So to help you feed this unrealistic desire, here are 10 cabins currently for sale in Michigan and Wisconsin. You’re probably not going to move, but it doesn’t hurt to look. 


$6.9M in Baldwin, MI 

Sure, it’s a hefty price tag for a single family cabin, but fly fishing! And canoeing! You can’t put a price tag on that, but according to this listing, they have to be worth a few million each, right?

$650K in ​​Hastings, MI 

One cabin would be nice. Four cabins would be even better! Interested in setting up a very tiny community? A commune? A cult? Do it all (within reason) at a reasonable price! Or just rent the other three as Airbnbs. Whatever you want. 

$639K in Fennville, MI

This three-bedroom, three-level cabin is only a two-hour drive from the Loop and nice enough you may consider commuting. Think about it, how often do you actually need to go to the office? Who says you can’t do Zoom calls from the outdoor hot tub? 

$350K in Traverse City, MI

It was built in 1965, but the interior looks like it’s less than a decade old. This is the cabin for the family that wants a regular weekend/summer getaway from Chicago and a possible rental property. It’s near downtown Traverse City but on a quiet, no-wake lake. It’s the modest version of having it all. 

$300K in Newaygo, MI

This charming single-family residence was built in 1950 and kept a lot of that ’50s charm. The fireplace, stone chimney, bunk beds and rocking chairs on the front porch should help transport you to a time you most likely never experienced. 

$100K in Branch, MI

Have you ever played with Lincoln Logs? Have you ever wanted to own a real-life version of a Lincoln Logs cabin? This brand-new log cabin is low frills (there’s heating, but it needs plumbing) and well-suited for the outdoorsman. It’s close to the Pere Marquette River and the Manistee National Forest. 


$2.9M in Suamico, WI

Sure, it’s a cabin. The frame appears to be made out of logs. Other than that, this is a massive mansion. It has its own lazy river. There’s a sauna. There’s a large outdoor pool. There’s a library. There’s a bar. There’s a movie theater (the real estate pic shows Forrest Gump is screening). Yeah, log cabin, sure. 

$2.1M in Three Lakes, WI

This cabin may read as absurd as the $2.9M spot in Suamico above — but what you’re really buying is 45 acres on the Three Lakes Chain of 28 Lakes. The two-bedroom cabin built in 1991 looks like a stand-in for The Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks

$775K in Dousman, WI

A mixture of modern conveniences and cabin life, this three-bedroom, three-bath is not a vacation home. It’s a home-home. There’s a wood-burning stove, modern kitchen, pool table and other amenities meant for entertaining. But the walkway from the house to the boat dock on a lake is the real selling point.

$250K in Wisconsin Dells, WI

If you want a log cabin but only some of the headaches of owning a log cabin, consider this charming two-bedroom with some HOA perks. This one caught our eye: “The fantastic HOA provides a private motorized Hill Cart to take subdivision owners down to the Dell Creek waterfront picnic and beach area to enjoy yet another perk of the community.” 

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