‘Brikawood’ Is Basically a Giant Wooden Lego Set for DIY Projects

Need a toolshed? Build one, no nails or screws required.

April 24, 2018 9:00 am

Building your own home: Fun in concept, typically a DIY nightmare in execution.

But that was before Brikawood, a Lego-like material that makes backyard construction project a quite literal snap.

No nails, no tools, no screws required. Just slide Brika’s interlocking wooden bricks together and use a mallet to tighten things up. Which is good, because as of this week, the French company notes they’ll only send their home kits abroad if you can build them yourself.

Available for walls, studios and tiny houses, Brikawood does have its detractors. As one commentator put it: “More work than bricklaying and much more work than building simple wood frame house, constructional integrity low. Only positive thing in this building method is that my 10yo son can build it easily and with fun. It seems pple got some funding and needed to justify why they need expensive woodworking equipement [sic].”

Check out Brikawood in action below.

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