The Boat That Picks You Up After You Rob a Casino, Probably

Brabus Automotive is taking its design chops to the open seas

February 9, 2018 9:00 am

“Full steam ahead, Johnny! We did it, ya hear? We’re rich!”

You and a few buddies just conned the top brass at the Casino Monte Carlo in L’Hermitage. Enter your getaway ride: the Axopar Brabus Shadow 800 “One of Twenty” edition.

The Shadow 800 is a 37-foot work of art. The new jewel of Finnish boatwright Axopar’s lineup, the incomparable vessel looks poised to disappear into the inky black ocean with the help of twin Mercury Verado 400R supercharged racing engines.

And things only get better on board, where Brabus — frequent Mercedes collaborators and the most trusted name in German auto tuning — has achieved a level of comfort deserving of your post-heist high. Think carbon-fiber construction, sleek black lines, red hull details, a double-berth cabin that sleeps two, and joystick piloting technology.

As the name suggests, only 20 will be built.

You may need to knock off a couple more cardhouses if you’re trying to collect ’em all.

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