Deal: The Bar Cart You’ve Been Looking for Is on Sale at Apt2B

So is all the other furniture you need

The gold Cosmo Bar Cart from Apt2B on a grey background
Your booze collection deserves a bar cart — one like the Cosmo here.

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Over at Apt2B, the furniture emporium has been throwing something they’re calling the Lucky Break Sale since St. Patrick’s Day, where just about everything sitewide is 17% off. But we just caught wind of it, so we’re glad to hear that the sale has actually been extended through March 29.

There’s plenty here that will be of interest to anyone still going through their home renovation phase of the pandemic: couches, leather accent chairs, coffee tables that aren’t just boring boxes to plunk down in the middle of the room. But what we’ve got our eye on is their selection of bar carts.

It looks like people have been taking advantage of this nice discount because a few designs are sold out, but here you’ll find a variety of circular and rectangular rolling cars to display your booze and cocktail accoutrement, as well as a stately cabinet if you’d rather keep everything behind closed doors. Whichever strikes your fancy, it’s probably better than your current tactic of sticking your bottles in whichever cabinet or on whatever shelf has space.


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