Deal: Baloo Weighted Blankets Are on Sale Just in Time for Fall

Grab a discount on three different sizes at Huckberry

Baloo weighted blankets from Huckberry
Baloo weighted blankets are on sale in 12-lb., 15-lb. and 20-lb. sizes.

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You’re probably intrigued by the idea of a weighted blanket, but maybe you’ve never bought one because the first star on the scene, the Gravity blanket, made some frankly ridiculous claims right off the bat, or maybe it’s because we’re just coming off of summer when you can’t even think the words weighted blanket when it’s 90 degrees and humid. 

But today’s the first day of fall, the days are getting cooler and we could all — for an infinite number of reasons — use a little cozy therapy right now. (Don’t deny it.) Which is why we’re happy to report that Huckberry is throwing a sale on Baloo, weighted blankets that are simple, comfortable and affordable.

The rule of thumb when buying a weighted blanket is that you should choose one that weighs about 10% of your body weight. Thankfully there are three sizes on sale, a 12-lb., 15-lb. and 20-lb. option, and even if you could technically use something a little heavier it’s always better to start on the lighter end, so the heaviest option here should work just fine. These blankets are all about the “deep pressure stimulation” which helps with relaxation; in the Baloo models, it’s provided by polyester and glass beads that fill the blanket. But the company also makes their products easy to clean, so these can go right in the washing machine after you inevitably spill your mug of piping hot autumnal tea on it.

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