Archipod Is the Custom Man Den Your Backyard Deserves

When sleeping in the doghouse goes oh so right

October 9, 2017 9:00 am

It’s no mystery that everyone needs their personal space. 

But the problem with your typical home office, man den or underground apocalypse bunker? Not esoteric enough.

That’s a new requirement for private escapes we just decided on after coming across Archipod

It’s got all the looks of a UFO-cabin hybrid and the customization potential to suit work, relaxation or a bit of both. The spherical structure — which is designed with gardens in mind but can be placed anywhere outside — comes in the regular Archipod (9’6” diameter at its widest, 8’3” height) or the aptly named Bigger Pod (12’6” diameter at its widest, 8’5” height).

Archipod (6 images)

A standard issue pod is built with a “curved plywood structural box with encapsulated fiberglass insulation, plasterboard finish internally on high-performance foil insulation and vapour barrier.” The shingles on the outside come in treated or untreated Western Red Cedar. As for windows to the outside world, the stock design includes an overhead dome and porthole window — so add submarine to the list of likenesses.

The only opening to the outside world is a gull wing-style door equipped with a conventional deadbolt, with the potential for customized security. And that’s what this whole endeavor is about: customization. Why hole up in a boring four-sided shack when you can get a rounded Archipod with heated floors and air-conditioning?

Well, $28-32K to start, which is how much one of these bad boys will set you back according to U.S. distributor Podzook.

But go ahead and throw another $1,000 on for a curved TV.

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