Vehicles | November 21, 2022 11:42 am

Tesla Announced Multiple Recalls Affecting Over 350,000 Vehicles This Weekend

One affects airbags, the other affects tail lights

A Tesla car charging station in Garden City, New York. The carmakers has made multiple recalls recently.
Over 350,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled.
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If you’ve been reading news about an Elon Musk-owned company recently, that news has probably been about Twitter. And, as you’ve probably noticed, there has been a lot of it. Not to be outdone, Tesla recently made a pair of appearances in the news. Unfortunately, the reasons for that involved recalls — specifically, recalls that involved over 350,000 Tesla vehicles.

The first of these was a Model X recall, which affected 30,000 cars and which had to do with potential issues with the drivers-side airbag. Then, as Engadget reports, came the second recall — one that involved 321,000 Model 3s due to a software issue that caused problems with the tail lights.

The tail light recall applies to 2023 Model 3s and Model Ys from 2020 to 2023.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filing has more details about the larger recall. It estimates that only one percent of the affected vehicles will have the issue, and notes that Tesla will release a software update to address it.

“[T]aillamps on one or both sides of affected vehicles may intermittently illuminate due to a firmware anomaly that may cause false fault detections during the vehicle wake-up process,” the NHTSA writes. With that said, it’s also a relatively moderate scope: “Brake lamps, backup lamps and turn signal lamps are not affected by this condition and continue to operate as designed.”

Still, that’s not a small number of vehicles — and it’s one more complication for Musk’s businesses.