Vehicles | March 5, 2021 6:00 am

Apparently RVs Have Elevators Now

This new motorhome is called the Villa Edition for a reason

SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition RV with an elevator
Does your RV have a second floor and an elevator? This one does.
SAIC Maxus

Last summer when we dug into the various and sundry RVs on the market today — now that everyone with an apartment wants a house and everyone with a house wants an RV — we highlighted some admittedly extravagant options. Notably, the doomsday-ready EarthRoamer and a million-dollar Foretravel motorhome with a full spa. But as it turns out, that’s not the ceiling for the RV market. 

The new bar for rolling luxury goes to the Life Home V90 Villa Edition from SAIC Maxus. Driving down the road it looks like a fairly typical Class C motorhome, but once it’s in park there’s a special surprise: a pop-up second floor which can be accessed by, no kidding, a single-person elevator. 

We’ve seen two-story RVs before, but RVs with elevators? Pretty sure this is a first. Here’s a video walkthrough that shows the contraption in action (skip to 1:10 for this model):

SAIC Maxus is a Chinese company that doesn’t appear to serve the U.S. market (and doesn’t have the V90 model listed on their English-language website anyway), but New Atlas has the full details on the model for those who can handle a little RV FOMO.

New Atlas describes the main level as a 215-square-foot space, “thanks to the dual sidewall expansions,” with a roomy living room and kitchen that features a cooktop, oven, sink and fridge. Upstairs in the pop-up second floor, we’re looking at a 133-square-foot lounge enclosed in glass that can be adjusted to be transparent or opaque for privacy.

While we won’t likely be seeing the SAIC Maxus V90 Stateside anytime soon, the price converted to dollars comes out to about $413,000. Considering that’s about four times the price of Airstream’s new roving office, we’ll probably survive without the elevator.