Vehicles | September 29, 2019 7:00 am

New Winnebago Camper Van Comes With Pop-Top

The Solis offers an array of family-friendly configuration options

Winnebago Solis
Winnebago's new Solis features a pop-top, taking the company in a new direction.

With its latest camper van, Winnebago is trying out something new. The recently-announced Solis, due in 2020, is the first of Winnebago’s camper vans sold directly through the company offer a pop-top. (Its predecessor is the EuroVan Camper, which was sold via Volkswagen dealers until 2003.) But that’s only the most obvious of its design choices — an array of which make it amenable to families or groups of a certain size in a way that many of its counterparts haven’t quite embraced.

At Curbed, Megan Barber has the details on the Solis’s options for sleeping — something that differentiates it from similar camper vans.

Buyers can opt for a queen-size Murphy bed that drops down, or—and this is key for families—a sofa bed that includes two additional three-point seat belts. This means that parents can safely drive and sleep their kiddos, either in the optional sofa bed or in the two chairs up front.

The pop-top offers the van’s owners even more space to sleep, as well as a place to take in views of wherever you happen to be camped. Barber’s report on the Solis notes that the pop-top is a significant feature elsewhere in the world, and that “it’s great to finally see the kind of options that have been standard in Europe for years debut in the North American market.”

Prospective buyers, take note: the Solis’s starting price is $100,667. As with any Winnebago, however, the question still lingers: just how will it fare in outer space?

Only Mel Brooks knows for sure.

Correction: This article has been updated to clarify that the Solis is the first Winnebago with a pop-top to be sold directly through Winnebago.

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