Vehicles | January 4, 2022 8:32 am

Koenigsegg Image Hints at Forthcoming Hypercar

Could its next car take a cue from the past?

Koenigsegg teaser
Koenigsegg is hinting...something.

What’s next for Koenigsegg? Last year, the hypercar manufacturer drew plenty of attention for its plans to experiment with fueling its vehicles with carbon emissions from semi-active volcanoes. That certainly made for intriguing news, as did the automaker’s hiring of former Tesla executive Evan Hortesky with an eye towards expanding their own operations.

Still, it prompts the question of what Koenigsegg had planned in the automotive department. And today, the Swedish automaker teased something coming soon via a silhouetted image shared on social media.

As Autoblog reports, the teaser image doesn’t offer a lot to work with, short of a less rounded design than previous offerings from Koenigsegg. “Dear 2022, here’s our New Year’s resolution — More ultimate performance through clever engineering and optimal design,” the automaker wrote on Instagram.

Autoblog’s article goes on to speculate about timing — specifically, the fact that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the CC8S. And if you look at photos of that model, you might notice a few shared design cues, or at least the hints of some.

Intriguingly, that hasn’t been the automaker’s only Instagram post in 2022. On Monday, they also shared some images of the Regera hypercar, captioned “Baring all in carbon fiber perfection.” Could the immediate future of Koenigsegg hearken back to the recent past? That seems eminently possible.