Vehicles | March 1, 2020 6:42 am

Dieselgate Scandal Effects Still Felt by Volkswagen, Porsche

Investigations and legal cases continue in the United States and Germany

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The effects of the Dieselgate scandal continue to be felt in the U.S. and Germany.
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In late 2015, news broke that Volkswagen had falsified emissions data from some of their diesel vehicles. The ensuing scandal, dubbed “Dieselgate,” prompted the company’s chief executive to resign. A new article from Sean O’Kane at The Verge notes that while Dieselgate may not be in the news nearly as much as it once was, its impact is still being felt in the automotive world.

In the last week, O’Kane writes, three distinct events help demonstrate the continuing effects of Dieselgate. On February 28, Porsche’s offices in Stuttgart were raided by law enforcement “seeking evidence relating to diesel emission manipulation measures,” according to journalist Greg Kable.

Also searched? The apartments of 3 Porsche employees. According to Der Spiegel, this is part of a probe currently investigating 7 past and present employees of the automaker. (The saga behind Volkswagen’s purchase of Porsche several years ago is a fascinating story unto itself.)

Volkswagen is also set to pay $912 million to owners of diesel vehicles in Germany who argued that their cars have lost value as a result of the scandal. They’re also facing a legal battle in the United States, as O’Kane writes.

On top of that, in America, Volkswagen has spent the last week defending itself in court against owners who declined to be a part of the automaker’s multibillion-dollar Dieselgate settlement.

And while Volkswagen is working on a significant push in the world of electric vehicles, Dieselgate remains a concern for them. How this will continue to play out is anyone’s guess, but these new developments serve as a reminder that certain issues and scandals have more staying power than you might think.

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