Travel | August 7, 2019 12:24 pm

You Can Now Munch on Take-Out in a Helicopter Above London

Order something easy on the stomach

Deliveroo Food Helicopter Experience in London
(Credit: Deliveroo)

The leading food delivery service of Europe and Australia, Deliveroo, is getting into helicopters. The seven-year-old brand recently announced an experience called Roocopter One, whereby interested parties can purchase $180 individual tickets to soar around London for an hour on a Charter-A helicopter — while eating take-out from their favorite Deliveroo restaurant.

The ride is only 20 minutes, but flies by some of the city’s biggest hits, like The Shard and The O2. Deliveroo is first rolling out the experience on August 9th with a day of free rides, allowing those who registered in time to bring five friends down to London Heliport at Battersea, where food from leading Deliveroo labels like Wagamama, Chipotle, Bababoom and Joe Public will be on offer.

This is a good idea, and should dominate on Instagram, but Deliveroo’s interest in helicopters goes beyond sightseeing feasts. The company is reportedly looking into a fleet of helicopters that might deliver food into the outer, rural reaches of its biggest markets. We shudder to think of the delivery fees on such excursions, but Amazon did invest $575 million in the company earlier this year, so who knows?

As for the free flights, registration is currently closed, but stay tuned for an official roll-out of the service in London soon, and eventual debuts in Sydney, Hong Kong and Edinburgh.

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