TV | April 5, 2020 6:00 am

Report: New “Tiger King” Episode Coming to Netflix

Jeff Lowe says a new episode of the true crime series is in the works

"Tiger King" Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic is still praying for a pardon.

Netflix’s true crime series Tiger King has emerged as a breakout hit since debuting on the streaming service. Turns out a lot of people enjoy watching a number of impassioned, conflicting figures against a backdrop of exotic animals. Since the show first aired, it’s been the subject of heated debate; it’s also brought a degree of fame to some of the people interviewed in it.

Whether you’re a dedicated viewer of the show or someone more curious about discussing its status as a pop culture phenomenon, the idea of more Tiger King might well sound appealing. According to a new report from Variety, that’s exactly what’s on the way.

In a video posted to Twitter by the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Justin Turner, zoo owner Jeff Lowe — who appeared in the series — states that a new episode is on the way, and that Netflix was coming to the zoo to shoot footage, for an episode which would air next week.

As Variety‘s report notes that “[i]t’s unclear whether the new episode will be a follow-up to the show’s seven-episode run or more of a reunion.”

Last month, Netflix announced that it was pausing production on a number of projects due to coronavirus infection-related concerns. It’s not clear if this is an exception to that; Netflix did not respond to Variety‘s request for a comment.

Assuming the report is true, this new episode should give Tiger King fans and skeptics alike something to discuss and debate.

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