TV | November 16, 2021 11:57 am

Martha Stewart, Icon, Does Not Use Mugs

The lifestyle mogul claims she doesn't own a single mug because they're "clumsy and ugly"

Martha Stewart attends LIFE, LITERACY, LUXE, and EDUCATION, An Authors' Night "Golden Age: The Genius of Architect Grosvenor Atterbury" on June 12, 2021 at The Atterbury Estate in Southampton.
No mugs to see here, folks.
Patrick McMullan/PMC via Getty

From reminding the world she has 21 peacocks, not 16, to attracting multiple marriage proposals with a single poolside thirst-trap, everything Martha Stewart touches turns to an instant flex. Over the years, the 80-year-old lifestyle mogul has made it clear she does things on her own terms, whether that means committing the cardinal sin/ultimate flex in designer footwear by coloring over the red bottoms on her Louboutins with black Sharpie or forming an unlikely friendship with Snoop Dogg.

Unsurprisingly, the famed lifestyle expert is just as particular yet unpredictable when it comes to stocking her kitchen. While I can only imagine Stewart’s cabinets are home to a carefully curated collection of every kind of kitchenware imaginable, there’s one common household item she swears she wouldn’t be caught dead with: a mug. Why? Because mugs are ugly, you uncultured peasant.

Stewart opened up about her distaste for the standard drinking vehicle of choice for hot-beverage consumers everywhere during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show. While playing a Shark Tank-inspired game in which host Jimmy Fallon pitched Stewart business ideas including pre-sliced cranberry for turkey sandwiches (à la Kraft Singles, but cranberry) and cookie bread, the comedian pitched a self-stirring coffee mug. Unsurprisingly, it was a no from Stewart.

“See, I don’t like mugs,” she said. “I think mugs are sort of clumsy and ugly.” In fact, Stewart went on to back up her claims to mug aversion by declaring she doesn’t so much as own a mug, preferring to stock her kitchen with more aesthetically pleasing drinkware. “I don’t own a mug in my house,” she told Fallon. “I have beautiful cups.”

Unsurprisingly, Stewart’s point is well taken. To be fair, mugs are often pretty clunky and unattractive — particularly those of the novelty, “world’s best Dad” variety that tend to clutter most suburban cabinets.

Stewart also made it clear that her collection of beautiful cups does not include any of the complimentary mugs she’s collected over the course of her Tonight Show appearances.

“We give you mugs every time you’re on our show,” Fallon reminded the star.

“I know,” Stewart replied. “I give them away.”