TV | November 28, 2020 6:00 am

David Lynch Has a New Series in the Works for Netflix

Its working title is "Wisteria"

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David Lynch arrives to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 11th Annual Governors Awards.
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At the very beginning of 2020, Netflix released a short film from director David Lynch titled What Did Jack Do?. The film starred Lynch and — as is the case with a lot of Lynch’s work — blended a film noir influence with plenty of outright surrealism. One example: most of Lynch’s scenes are opposite a capuchin monkey. A talking capuchin monkey.

Plenty of observers of all things audio and visual wondered if this was a one-off or a prelude to a longer working relationship between Lynch and the streaming service. One could make a pretty convincing case for either. Now, with 2020 nearly over, the question of whether What Did Jack Do? heralds a deeper relationship between Lynch and Netflix has been answered, and that answer is very much in the affirmative.

Lynch is set to write and direct a new series for Netflix, which is scheduled to begin shooting in May 2021. Its working title? Wisteria — which seems pretty perfect for a David Lynch project.

There’s more information to be had via an article at Welcome to Twin Peaks. Their article notes that the series is slated to shoot some scenes at Calvert Studios; scenes from Lynch’s last episodic project, Twin Peaks: The Return, were also shot there.

Beyond that, details are slim — but given that Lynch can be compelling at his most experimental and his most traditional, simply the news of a new longform project from him is encouraging.