David Lynch Is Making Weather Reports Again, Because Why Not?

Today's quarantine forecast? Slightly surreal.

David Lynch
A daily weather update via David Lynch, at home
Screenshot/David Lynch Theater
By Kirk Miller / May 12, 2020 11:39 am

If you’re gonna wake up, stare out the window and wonder if anything is gonna change from day to day in our current climate … well, David Lynch can help. Even literally with the climate.

The auteur used to release a daily weather report, which would sometimes include guest stars (like frequent collaborator Laura Dern). Possibly out of quarantine boredom, Lynch has returned to talking about the weather online.

“Good morning, it’s May 11, 2020,” says Lynch from what looks like a home office/workshop (perhaps where he makes homemade wall sconces). “It’s a Monday. Here in L.A. [squints to window off-camera] … it’s kind of cloudy with some fog this morning. It’s 64 degrees Fahrenheit or around 17 degrees Celsius. This ozone should burn off pretty soon, and we’ll have sunshine and 70 degrees. Have a great day.”

In its one-day return (so far), there are dancing little people, no coffee talk and nothing unusual. But we figure the monotony — along with Lynch’s deadpan delivery — will soon pay off in something strange.

Like maybe a day where we’re allowed back outside.

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