Sports | August 21, 2022 10:31 pm

Greg Norman Revises Earlier Comments on LIV Golf’s Offer to Tiger Woods

Norman previously said that Woods was offered between $700 and $800 million

Greg Norman
Greg Norman, CEO/Commissioner of LIV Golf, at the 16th tee during the 3rd round of the LIV Golf Invitational Series Bedminster.
Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When is $700 million to $800 million not $700 million to $800 million? Earlier this month, Greg Norman referred to a financial offer that LIV Golf had made to Tiger Woods about joining the breakaway golf tour. In multiple interviews, Norman said that Woods had been offered a sum in the $700 million to $800 million range to come on board. And while that’s an absurdly large sum of money, the golf tour does have copious amounts of Saudi money behind it.

Except now, Norman has walked back his earlier comments. As Golf reports, Norman spoke with Fox Sports Australia last week and clarified his earlier comments.

“I just want to make sure for clarification here, the numbers that were thrown out were inclusive of future franchise value,” Norman said in an interview. He went on to argue that “the generational wealth that this franchise opportunity has for the individual players is incredible.”

In other words, Woods was offered less money up front. What was the actual sum Woods was offered? That’s unclear.

“That’s how it is. It’s not the cash value. We never offered that cash value to Tiger Woods. That’s the reality of it,” Norman later told Fox Sports.

As Golf‘s article on the subject points out, Norman had effectively confirmed the $700 million to $800 million figure in previous interviews, so it’s not clear what’s prompted this clarification — or if this even counts as a clarification, given that he didn’t actually confirm what Woods was offered up front. LIV Golf isn’t an organization that seems all that financially transparent, though — so perhaps that’s to be expected.