Sports | July 11, 2020 12:53 pm

FedEx Will Reportedly Remove Signs From Washington Stadium If Name Isn’t Changed

Washington is now feeling the financial pressure from sponsors to change the team's name

Washington FedEx Field
The goal past pad with the new National Football League logo prior to a preseason game on August 9, 2008 at Fedex Field.
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As Washington considers changing the “Redskins” name after years of committing to it, the team has received further pressure from one of its main sponsors to make the swap. A week after FedEx reportedly encouraged the team to change its name, The Washington Post is reporting that the shipping giant has threatened to remove signage from FedEx Field if the name is not changed.

According to the Post report, FedEx sent a two-page letter to Washington, detailing their concerns about continued affiliation with the “Redskins” name. Specifically, according to a source who read the letter, the deal could “[pose] the risk of harming FedEx’s brand reputation and is inconsistent with its commitment to a more inclusive society.”

Removing the signage is not just a symbolic move, either. The Post points out that the inclusion of the potential harm to the FedEx brand could be the first step towards terminating the entire sponsorship deal with just cause, which could cost Washington owner Dan Snyder up to $45 million if the deal is thrown out.

Though community activists have pushed for a name change for decades, it took until sponsors started threatening to pull out their support for Washington to undergo a “review” of the team name. According to various reports, a name change does seem likely, with one Washington radio personality saying that “Warriors” is the leading frontrunner for a new name.

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