News & Opinion | August 22, 2019 1:30 pm

Arnold Schwarzenneger Is 72 and Still Crushing Lat Pulldowns

See the Terminator pound out reps for yourself

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Instagram

Back in May, Arnold Schwarzenneger was struck by a flying sidekick. Seriously. In case you missed this story, the Governator was making a public appearance in Johannesburg when a crazy fan rushed up behind him and launched both of his feet into Schwarzenneger’s lower back. Unsurprisingly, he barely flinched, and the nutjob was detained by security.

Tough guy or not, though, Schwarzenneger is 72-years-old. His back has got to be in rough shape after a lifetime of squats and Olympic cleans, and random assaults can’t possibly help.

According to a recent TBT on Instagram, though, the aging Austrian is doing just fine. Only three days after the kick heard ’round the world (at least, according to Arnold’s caption) he was back in the gym, maxing out the lat pulldown machine. That’s pretty difficult to do … even for a 22-year-old. Watch him for yourself below.

His ability to lift heavy after an impact like that, and to do so in general at his age, all boils down to proper technique. If you’re making small, conscientious corrections in the gym as you get older, it’s more than possible to keep your weight up.  To max out, of course, it helps to be Arnold. Watch this video here, where Schwarzenneger extolls the benefits of proper form, and seek out our perfect weightlifting routine for healthier aging here.

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